VIDEO: A great vacation at Northland Lodge and Hayward, Wisconsin – Jack Swingle

NORTHLAND LODGE GUEST TESTIMONIALS: Creating memories of a lifetime since 1921

“In my opinion, there is no better place than this!” Wilbur Crooks

“We’ve been coming to this area for years and have enjoyed your place more than any place we’ve stayed. You take such good care of us.” Roger Rollins

“You are all so nice, that’s why we want to come back.” Esther Stacy

“Your facilities are very clean and homey and everyone is very helpful and friendly.” Kathy Royce

“Coming to Northland Lodge is so relaxing.” Marsha Tschopp

“Bless you all for the happiness you provide for all of us as your guests and for the years of welcome that have etched memories in our lives. We think about you more than you can imagine.” Bryan Stafford

“We discovered Northland Lodge in CCC days and have been coming ever since.” Donald Farrar (4 generations)

“Do you know how unusual it is to have young people love to come here every year?” Liz Wassilkowski

“The feel of this place is like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Every person staying here is happy and greets one another as though they’ve known them for years.” Kerri Kvasager

“We feel a sense of sadness because we have to leave our cabin and the good friends we made over the years. We have grown up together. I will bring my own husband and kids here some day too.” Breanna MacDonald

“Thanks for a great trip! We love the Meadowlark cabin, it is large and very modern with a wonderful view of the lake.” Steve Friedrichs

“Wonderful facilities and a perfect location – a great break from the corporate world.” Jim Donaldson

“Thank you for all the special attention to detail.” Tom & Lynn Dreischarf

“Everyone was very accommodating and made our stay very enjoyable.” Jerry & Maggie Bloxdorf


“It is our 2nd year at Northland Lodge. My opinion is that I should live up here. It is great from the sing-a-long to relaxation. The best of all is meet new friends.” Megan Van Gheem – age 11

I’d drive here on Wednesday nights just for the singalong/talent show.” Jessica 13

“I’m home!” Jason Dyke 11

“It was worth the wait.” Rollins 8

“Do I have to go to Washington DC with my class? Hayward is better.” Jake Trickel

“Why are we in Disney World? We want to be in Hayward.” Justin Zbynski 11

“If you don’t want to take me to Hayward I’ll go by myself.” Justin Zbynski

“I just found a new Disney World, a Disney World of the North.” Aaron Wheeler

“We chose both weeks here rather than one somewhere else.” Grill/Harris teens

“This is a good place.” Sean 7, Genna 4

“I want to stay here forever. I want to build a house here.” David Worman

“I’m not going. I’m never going home.” Andre Rinka 7

“Someday we’re going to bring our kids here.” The Stone boys

“I’m going to beat that man’s record of coming here 53 years!” Kody Dunlap 13

“What do you mean ‘Are we going to Northland Lodge’? We are already practicing on our guitars for the singalong!” The Meyers boys

“I don’t want to go anywhere else.” JC Falk


“Mother Nature gave the Quiet Lakes great beauty. You give it charm and warmth.” Ed and Brenda Kurtz

“Northland Lodge is a jewel of the north woods and part of a fading breed, but oh, so treasured.” Ellie Suhl

“It is so beautiful and peaceful here, we decided to come back for our honeymoon. It really is a piece of heaven!” Erika Brown

“This is a great place to heal. It is amazing what spending a little time with nature will do for ones soul.” Bill Tipping

“Your setting is so peaceful and beautiful!” Jerry & Gloria Timmers

“I’m back where I belong where loons soothe my soul by their song, the peace and quiet of nature fills my heart and I know that God is busy at work making all our days beautiful.” Dolly Alexa

“I have stayed in many North Wisconsin resorts. Your great hospitality, great fishing, great times and the peace and quiet of the north woods keeps us coming back.” John Ward

“The cabin was awesome and the fishing was great!”
Eric and Lisa Gluck

“I had such a fantastic time with the beautiful scenery, the quietness and possibly the best hosts ever.” Ray Rausch

“The silence is deafening.” Gary Turner

“Like Golden Pond.” Russell Spence

“It is dangerous to introduce paradise to our hectic city minds, yet the peace and quiet beauty was a tranquilizer much needed.” Joan Riordan

“Nature is so healing.” Penny Brafford

“A great place for soul searching.” Phil Urbanczyk

“We can never get enough of this northwoods paradise. The loons provided a concert of varied calls like nothing we had ever heard before.” Ellie Suhl

“We appreciate your family’s hospitality and general good nature. We feel we have found a new home with you guys!” Ed Regan


“Lost Land Lake is a gem and your hospitality make it a real treasure.” Michelle Grosch

“We can tell you put your love into your cabins. They are so clean and beautiful.” Shannon Weber

“I want to come back home!” Paul Kaspryczki

“Coming back to Northland Lodge is on my bucket list.” Evie Kaspryczki

“It’s like coming home.” Bill Tipping

“We feel almost like it is a second home.” Ellie Suhl

“The loving feeling and the “at home” feeling brings us back each year.” Dolly Alexa

“Grandpa can’t wait until next years singalong/talent show.” Donna Meyers

“We are so glad we found this place! God bless!” Jim Hawksford

“My job takes me all over the world but this is still my favorite place.” Bryan Stafford

“What I like best about your resort is that it doesn’t seem like a resort.” Sue Muenchow

“You notice little things.” Ann Curtis

“It’s almost like coming home to a family reunion- genuine people who care about you.”
Julie MacDonald

“Our family enjoyed every cast, every star, every call of the loon, every detail you so lovingly provide.” The Kurlands

“You really care about our family.” Corrine Morley

“On Wednesday, singalong night, we listened from the porch and felt the energy and laughed with everyone.” The Kurlands

“The singalong/talent show just gets better and better.” Bob Vandenbranden

“I felt like a rock star!” Peter McIntosh

“It’s wonderful that there are still some family traditions around.” Marty Novelli

“Thank you for making our first anniversary memorable. This is really a beautiful place.” The Benoits

“This place is so wonderful it’s like our Scout family!”Terry Baumgartner

“The best vacation we ever had and we have travelled!” John Falk