Nice Fish on the Quiet Lakes

Annual Newsletter Celebrating NICE FISH

Half the fun of catching a NICE FISH is to tell others. With the promotion of our catch and release fishing, our Northland Lodge Annual Newsletter has become the avenue to applaud nice catches. Nice Fish: The Best of Fishing

It is heartening to celebrate our little anglers joining the fishing ranks with nice fish caught on Snoopy poles, Batman poles, Spiderman poles, Tweety rods and Barbie rods.

In our Lodge Newsletter we usually have three-four FISHING Pages:

  • Nice Fish Stories – humorous or admirable
  • Nice Fish Pictures – varied species caught by all ages
  • Nice Fish List – Annual Legal Musky Hall of Fame highlighting the 1 out of 3 that are 40″ or more

NICE FISH are also celebrated at our Wednesday night singalongs by donning the musky hat and singing “You Get a Line, I’ll Get a Pole”.

Join us in celebrating your Nice Fish! Click to Northland Lodge Annual Newsletter: NICE FISH

You will soon be able to visit our “NEWS & EVENTS” page to see recent “Nice Fish” pictures & catches…