The Quiet Lakes in Northern Wisconsin

Sunset View at Quiet Lakes

The Quiet Lakes: unique to the Midwest & protected sanctuary

Unique to the Midwest the Quiet Lakes are protected with a 10 mph speed limit prohibiting jet skis, water skiing & water tubing, ensuring undisturbed weed-beds for excellent fishing in a fisherman’s paradise. Lost Land Lake is a natural, spring-fed lake and headwaters of the Chippewa Flowage. It is about two miles by four miles long connected with a scenic navigable channel to Teal Lake with islands for a combined 2500 acres: just the right size for challenging fishing and worry-free family activities or outdoor adventures.

Wildlife abounds because of the speed limit, restricted shore development, no low flying planes over eagles’ nests, and five generations of resort and home owners devoted to keeping these unique Quiet Lakes ecologically sparkling gems free of invasive species. Listen to the loon calls reverberating over the lakes; it’s a sign of our healthy environment.

I’ll be back where I belong, with loons to sooth my soul with their song and the peace and quiet of nature to fill my heart.” Dolly Alexa

“If Heaven were on earth it would look like Lost Land Lake in June!” Bryan Stafford

“Mother Nature gave the Quiet Lakes great beauty. You have given it charm and warmth.” Ed & Brenda Kurtz

“Of all the places we have been we can think of none more beautiful and peaceful: excellent fishing, spectacular wildlife, eagles soaring overhead, otters frolicking in the bay, beaver busy at their lodge, deer, and the sweetest chipmunk under our steps.” Terry & Shari Beaudoin – Honeymooners

“Lost Land Lake is a gem, and your hospitality makes it a treasure.” Michael Grosch

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  • In the late 1800’s LOGGERS cut, branded and floated prime pine from Lost Land Lake to Teal Lake, to the Teal River and down the Mississippi.
  • THE PAYMASTER’S CABIN still stands at Northland Lodge for over a century.
  • GREEN POINT on Lost Land Lake, was the only green land left after the loggers stripped out the forest.
  • Great Grandpa Young sold motor gas to GANGSTERS going to their Green Point Club House. Caught in a storm while fishing, Grandma Dorothea was begrudgingly allowed refuge in the GANGSTERS’ CLUB HOUSE porch.
  • Roosevelt set up CCC CAMPS to replant the ravaged woods which he designated the CHEQUAMEGON NATIONAL FOREST.
  • In 1962 a 10MPH speed limit was adopted resulting in the “Quiet Lakes”.

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